About Us

I’m Lindsay and I have 4 boys aged 14,12, 6 and 3.  I home educated the older 2 boys until very recently when the opportunity came along with an inspirational teacher to set up a small school which I’m helping to support so I am in the strange position of helping to run a school for the older ones and home educating my younger that we have home educated.   

I feel so encouraged when I see the wonderful, engaged, happy teenagers that my older two have turned in to and know that learning outside the system was definitely right for them for all those years.  Seeing the happy results of home education has made me feel more confident and relaxed in my home education of the younger two and I hope to share some of the ideas that we have gathered along the way.

Home education for us is more about just having the confidence to carry on doing what most parents do anyway when their children are little – enjoying their company, their interests and grabbing all the wonderful possibilities that life throws at us.  I feel lucky everyday.


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