Spoken Word CDs / MP3s

Spoken Word CDs are a wonderful way to tick something off on your list each day –  it is a relief on a day which has felt pretty hopeless on the education front to be able to switch on the CD player!  We listen to them in the car and going off to sleep at night.  Sometimes the stories keep them awake for a bit longer but we can just start bedtime earlier!  Or sometimes we listen to music instead.

Under 3’s


Winnie the Pooh

Now we are 6


Classic Fairy Tales


Barrie, J. M. Peter Pan.

Carroll, Lewis. Alice in Wonderland.
———. Through the Looking­-Glass and What Alice Found There.
Kipling, Rudyard. The Jungle BooksI and II.
———. Just So Stories.
Lawson, Robert. Rabbit Hill.
Lewis, C. S. The Chronicles of Narnia.
McDonald, George. The Princess and Curdie.
Nesbit, Edith. The Complete Book of Dragons.
———. The Railway Children.
White, E. B. Charlotte’s Web.  (sad ending! – older end of this age category I think!)
———. Stuart Little.
———. The Trumpet of the Swan.



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